Yasha Ministries is excited to be partnering with GVN Foundation in the United States and GVN Charitable Trust in New Zealand. To contribute from the U.S. or New Zealand, please forward your donation to the appropriate account below with the reference, “Yasha.”

USA: Global Volunteer Network Foundation

P O Box 602
United States

Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, USA.
Account Number: 419 254 375
Fedwire/ABA No: FW044000037
Reference: YASHA/Your Surname

NZ: Global Volunteer Network Charitable Trust

61 Seaview Road
Lower Hutt
New Zealand

Bank: Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand.
Account Number: 02 - 0528 - 0545009 - 10
Swift BIC Code: BKNZNZ22
Reference: YASHA/Your Surname

Donations received through GVN are tax deductible should you wish to receive a donation certificate for this purpose.

To contribute from other parts of the world please contact us by email.

You can also send the money to Jonny and Bex personal accounts marked, "Yasha":

New Zealand - JN and RM Gilling - ASB Bank - 12 3146 0120703 00

United States - JN Gilling - Bank of America - 0046 4596 2172