Jonny and Bex Gilling responded to a whisper that grew to a nudge and eventually an overwhelming “Yes!” when they moved from their home in New Zealand to South Africa several years ago. Just a few months after arriving, their desire to live Yasha saw them open their home to a baby who needed to be held. The door stayed open and more babies - big and small- have since been added to their family. Amongst the receiving there has also been much releasing. They are quick to acknowledge their own need to be held. It has also been their joy, and an ongoing exercise in humility, to receive five forever-sons who make them laugh out loud and give them cause to breathe in grace everyday.

Having served as Youth Pastors at The Rock Church in New Zealand for five years, and with Iris Global for the past three years, they are excited to be establishing Yasha Ministries as a registered non-profit organisation in South Africa. Yasha Ministries will be dedicated to the opening of hands, homes and hearts across the globe and will exist as an invitation to relationship and a together response to the real human needs of our day.