The goal of Yasha is not to build buildings or establish institutions.  We do see buildings…homes that facilitate life….spaces that evoke quality nurture and open ended learning…..places where healing and hope abound. In all these buildings we see walls that breathe and doors that stay open.

But the dream that drives us is that of family. A family that grows and ebbs and flows and makes room. A family that stretches and holds and hopes and lends strength.  A family who lives out the heart of Yasha, putting skin on love and finding creative ways to breathe beauty into brokenness.

We see more room for more children. We see more sons and daughters. We see more brothers and sisters. We see more mountains of muddy shoes at our doors, more sticky fingerprints on our windows and more hands holding more hands.

We see many more candles on many more cakes. We want the wrinkled wisdom of those who have walked longer and journeyed further than us to awaken us to courage and sing us to sleep at night. More than anything, we want more of Christ around our table.

You might be wondering what all this might cost or what help we might need.

We know from experience that the cost is great. We know the glory of saying “Yes!” is greater.  We anticipate needing educators, artisans, entrepenuers, interceders, and every kind of dreamer and do-er to partner with us in some way. We will need land, and funds, and those with a knack for finding sustainable solutions to overwhelming needs.

Here in Africa they say it takes a village to raise a child. Currently, our village is in crisis. As many as 1 in 3 children in South Africa have been orphaned or abandoned and are in need of care and protection.  In some communities as many as 1 in 2 parents are infected with HIV/AIDS and are in need of our shared strength.

Perhaps you find yourself stirred, nudged or simply intrigued by who we are. You should probably give us a call. We are pretty keen to raise a village and you just might be meant to be in it.