Yasha is a weighty word. Because life can be a weighty walk. And whether we are quick to acknowledge it or not, there are times in all our lives when we when we feel the soul-crushing heart-wrenching weight of this world.  Deeply. So deeply in fact that we find ourselves in need of a weight-lifter, a burden-bearer, a someone whose strength we can borrow.

Yasha is about making that strength accessible. It’s about making the sharing of strength possible. Stretchy, even. Stretchy across oceans and borders, conflicting cultures, diverse languages and seemingly impossible social chasms. Because it is our conviction that we’ve been designed to need the strength of each other.

Intimately and inextricably linked to this idea of needing each other is the idea that we all need the strength of ANOTHER.  Another entirely other.

We call Him Christ. We believe He is the ultimate weight-lifter, burden-bearer and deliverer. We believe He delights to make Himself at home in each of us. And we believe that when His strength is stretched and shared through human hands and hearts something magic happens.

And so Yasha is also a magic-making word. Delightful and light-filled.

Yasha is about making spaces and places for simple miracle-magic to happen. It’s about witnessing heart-wings and little limbs grow. It’s about helping fumbling friends find light switches and jumping up and down together when we discover that the dark was holding hidden treasure. It’s about finding ways to water gardens long forgotten, and being together to taste the fruit. It’s about seeing hearts young and old encounter love, the kind that goes deep, and explodes easily into toothless watery-eyed grins.

Yasha is about real people. Real people living real light in the midst of real weight. It is an US word.  A WE word. Not a them and they word. But an all-of-us-in-this-together word.

And so we invite you to join us in the journey.