At a glance, these figures may just look like numbers. But to us, they look like ONES. They are the ones we delight to call our ones: our sons, our sisters, our neighbours and our friends. These figures are family.


1 in 3

children orphaned or abandoned


1 in 2

mothers test HIV+ in government antenatal clinics.


1 in 4

adults functionally illiterate

A boy sits by a tree and a fence

“Yasha is about making spaces for simple miracle-magic to happen. It’s about witnessing heart-wings and little limbs grow. It’s about helping fumbling friends find light switches and jumping up and down together as the darkness reveals hidden treasure.”

Bex Gilling

What we do

Two boys laugh and embrace

Raising A Village - Children's Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Here in South Africa, over 5 million children have lost the adults in their lives and are seeking to survive in communities that lack the capacity, the resources and many times even the will to find alternative ways to care for them.  We believe that together we can find creative and constructive ways to care for South Africa’s children. We believe that together we can be and build the villages that will raise the children. 

A woman stands by a wall, with Hope written in bright yellow letters

Restoring Hope - Medical Facility

Raising a child is a long-range goal. More than just money and time, it requires the investment of human capital. Children need adult heads and hearts that are healthy and full of hope for the future. They need real live hands to hold. Here in South Africa, as many as 20 million adults are infected with HIV/AIDS. That’s nearly half the adult population. We believe that parents should be given every opportunity to be a hand to hold and the voice of hope in their children’s lives. We feel a special concern for the women of this nation and believe that together we can find ways to keep more Mama’s alive, connected to their children and active in their communities.

A smiling boy holds a small toy above his head

Rebuilding A Nation - Education Centre

While tremendous steps towards a free and democratic society have been made, South Africa still bears the scars of a past that has deeply undermined its ongoing social and economic development. These realities continue to rub old wounds raw. But we believe that there is room for deep and lasting reconciliation of people groups, hope for a vibrant economy and raising up of a new generation of leaders who will emerge with a desire to lay down their lives and serve their nation. We believe that together we can find ways to provide holistic, empowering education to the next generation of South Africa’s children and meaningful work opportunities for the adults in our communities.

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